The reason I paint so many birds is that I find the beautiful and interesting. However, there is another secret. Nobody really knows what a particular bird is supposed to look like. If the beak is wrong or the eye slightly misplaced, nobody knows. You can make a lot of painting mistakes and still end up with a nice picture.


I really enjoy birds of prey. The action in this owl was interesting. The picture must have been taken at night and the bird was startled. The texture in the feathers was interesting to paint.

Blue Heron

I have always liked herons, egrets and other wading birds. They have such amazing feathers and yet stay so clean in some of the messiest environments.

One thing that this painting does not share is how large these birds actually are. It is also interesting how they fly so low along the water among the weeds that you frequently hear them flying by without being able to see them.

“Hawaiian Cardinal”

A “Hawaiian Cardinal” that we saw on Oahu. It really is a Brazilian Taneger that came to Hawaii quite some time ago. We found him in the parking lot outside of a Kentucky Fried Chicken. My wife took the picture and I painted him in our granddaughter Tansy’s hospital room. She like to watch me paint when she was too sick to do anything else.