Sacred Grove

Just outside of Palmyra, New York is a grove of trees. In 1820 a young man named Joseph Smith came here to pray about the truth of religion. He was visited by God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Only the atonement and sacrifice of Jesus has impacted my life more than this event.

Scotland on the water

Scotland is one of my favorite places to visit. I know that it rains a lot. On one trip I had not seen blue sky for days. I finally started taking pictures of patches of blue when they would appear.

Scotland is about green and water. Yet in the fall all that green turns to color. The rain cleans the air and washes the plants and land to make the whole thing very bright when the sun does shine. I painted this picture because it is so fresh and washed and colorful.

Sandstone arch

I saw this picture on a screen saver on a PC. I liked the color and the contrast between the shaded, yet colorful arch and the sun-bleached desert beyond. This was the first painting where I started to learn the texture and richness of light glaze layer over layer.

It was almost 10 years after I painted this that I learned that it is Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park.